KeyesMail(tm) - Details


KeyesMail is a full function automated e-mail package for the IBM i (i5, iSeries, AS/400). It allows your iSeries applications, 5250 terminals, PC mail clients, or any browser to exchange Internet e-mail, with attachments.

KeyesMail can connect to an Internet Service Provider (ISP), using a dial-up, or a network connection (including DSL, ISDN, or Cable connections). It can also exchange e-mail through any network mail server available to your iSeries, including Exchange Servers and Notes/ Domino Servers.

You can retrieve e-mail from more than one mail server or network and can have multiple mail accounts for each connection. Inbound mail is automatically routed to the appropriate mailboxes within KeyesMail, or you can set the system up for automatic creation and sending of outbound mail only.

Message Editor

The software comes complete with a text editor for creating, editing, and viewing e-mail messages on any IBM i terminal.

The Message Editor was designed to be a fast and extremely easy to use e-mail editor. It includes automatic word wrapping while you type. It will adjust your paragraphs after you insert, delete, or copy text. It has a spell checker for 7 different languages. It also contains a phonebook for saving and retrieving e-mail addresses and address lists.

Screen Shot of Message Editor (41K)

Video of creating and sending email with Message Editor (786K)

Video of Spell Checker (539K)

HTTP Server

KeyesMail includes an HTTP Server that will allow anyone to access their mail from anywhere using an Internet Browser.

Video of internet browser based email (1628K)


KeyesMail will allow multiple attachments to be sent or received with your messages.

Any IBM i objects including physical files, source files, spool files, and save files can be prepared as attachments. PC type objects can also be sent and received, through the IBM i Shared Folders.

KeyesMail can create encrypted PDF's, if you supply user and/or owner passwords. If you purchase PKZIP software, for your iSeries, KeyesMail can use this to compress and optionally password encrypt any type of attachment.

Screen Shot of 'Attachments (Outbound)' (40K)

Video of attaching a file from Shared Folders (501K)

Spooled Files

Any type of spooled file can be sent as is, or translated into .TXT, .TIF, .RTF, or .PDF documents. This includes *AFPDS with forms overlays, *USERASCII from forms design software, and standard *SCS printer files. You can even map printer data onto full color forms overlays without purchasing any additional software.

Physical Files

Data can be translated into .TXT or .CSV (Comma Separated Values) for importing into Excel.

Screen Shot of 'Get Attachment from' (43K)

Save Files

IBM i program objects can be placed in save files and transmitted to other IBM i's, as attachments. If received on a PC, the recipient can upload and restore the objects to their IBM i.


The software uses SMTP/MIME and POP3 standards to exchange e-mail through the Internet. All data will be translated between EBCDIC and ASCII, as appropriate.


Mailboxes for each user or for groups of users may be created by an administrator. Inbound mail is automatically routed to the appropriate mailbox using routing tables. A mailbox titled POSTMASTER is given all mail that cannot be routed properly. The Postmaster can view and route them appropriately.

Users can copy or route their messages to other mailboxes or to categories they set up within their own mailbox. Messages can be marked as personal (which are completely private) or confidential (which will only allow security administrators to access them).

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An information manager, called KeyesFileTM, utilizes the power of the IBM i Data Base to build a set of index cards that instantly sorts itself in a thousand different ways. You can use it to keep track of a wide variety of information, including e-mail addresses.

It can be used to keep track of company and contact names, phone numbers, sales information, or anything that you would like to have quick access to.

KeyesFile works by entering information on cards, with up to a thousand lines per card, a million cards per file, and an unlimited number of files. KeyesFile can store rigidly structured data or free form information such as notes and comments both on the same cards. You can organize any data the way you want it, on the fly, with no programming, and no training.

Screen Shot of KeyesFile Information Manager (42K)

Video of KeyesFile Information Manager (976K)

Application Program Interfaces (API's)

We have included a number of API's in the system and an output queue so that you can automatically send e-mail messages directly from your applications. The API's can prepare spooled files, PC files, or IBM i files as attachments. KeyesMail can search your spool files for the recipient addresses, or you can pass addresses as parameters from your applications.

Internet Security

Security will not be compromised. KeyesMail will not start any of the TCP/IP Application servers. KeyesMail is immune to e-mail viruses and hackers cannot gain access to your IBM i through the KeyesMail software.

Simple Installation

The software can be easily installed on any IBM i (i5, iSeries, AS/400). An install procedure creates all of the necessary communication files and objects in the KeyesMail library. Complete instructions are included in the User's Guide to help you define the necessary information to connect to the Internet or a mail server.

You can use the IBM ECS modem or any other Hayes compatible modem for dialing into an ISP. You may use any direct connection that you have with a network mail server. You should be able to start sending and receiving e-mail messages within hours after receiving the package.


30 Day Free Trial Period

Since 1978 Computer Keyes has offered a 30 day free trial period on all software. This allows you to try out the complete package before making any decisions.

No Bug Guarantee

While on maintenance, if KeyesMail does not perform a function as intended, Computer Keyes will send you a correction, usually within hours.


Hot-line technical support

Computer Keyes provides free hot-line technical support to assist you in the use of KeyesMail.

System Requirements


  1. Any model IBM i (i5, iSeries, AS/400 (RISC only)) Computer
  2. Any network connection to the internet